Profile: Über 18 Jahre Erfahrung in Consulting und Umsetzung von Software-Projekten (international, multikulturell, multi-methodologie und komplex) innerhalb des europäischen Wirtschaftsraumes.

Fachliche Kompetenzen: Projekt Management, Prozess Management, Requirements Management, Operational CRM, Stakeholder Management, Risiko Management, Eskalationsmanagement

Branchenerfahrung: Telekommunikation, Transport & Logistik, Automotive, Financial Services

A results driven, hardworking and capable Marketing and Sales expert with a track record of significantly improving Marketing and sales processes also improving a company’s processes and corporate branding programs. Having a proven ability to ensure that a company enjoys a competitive edge when compared to their competitors by innovative Marketing activities, marketing with focus on improving sales capability, Delivering results against strategic objectives, whilst working within the organizations core values and beliefs. Now looking for a new and challenging one that will make the best use of existing abilities and knowledge and also further my career and professional development position.

• Planning and executing effective marketing campaigns, lean initiatives and processes.
• Comprehensive understanding & experience of Sales and marketing strategies and also budget management.
• Deep understanding of the principles of vendor/partner management.
• Ability to manage multiple priorities.
• Excellent analytical, critical thinking and strategic skill